Open Source Nintendo 64

All of the downloads here are covered by the GNU Public Licence. There are no copyright or commercial ROM images here.

A lot of the N64 stuff is derived from the work of Anarko, Tom Whittock, Lac, and Crazy Nation. The linux-mips bits are derived from the SGI groups stuff. Thanks guys!


All of the development tools are packaged as RPM files. Install all of the RPM files here with rpm -i (the source RPMs are optional). Some of the packages rely on others being installed, so the recommended order is binutils,egcs,egcs c++, egcs c++ lib, newlib, libn64, libjpeg, n64tools, but you can tell rpm to ignore dependencies and install in any order. man rpm if you are unfamiliar with RPM packages.

The N64 sources are gzipped tarballs, so tar-zxvf them. The JPEG Viewer and n64lib will build straight away, just cd jpegview; make and likewise for libn64. make send to transfer the rom, make disassemble|less to have a look at it.

The sources are really simple and small, and have lots of comments to explain stuff. Check them out, they're only a couple of k or so.

N64 Sources

JPEG Viewer (Garth Elgar)
N64lib demo (Garth Elgar)
GNU Asm Intro (Crazy Nation/ GNU port by Tom Whittock)
Mikmod (Crazy Nation)

Development Utilities

GNU Binutils 2.9.1 - x86 Linux RPM , Source
A collection of utilities necessary for compiling programs. It includes the assembler and linker, and objdump which can be used to disassemble MIPS code.

EGCS 2.91.66 - x86 Linux RPM, Source
The egcs package contains the GNU Compiler Collection: cc, gcc and egcs. You'll need this package in order to compile C/C++ code.

EGCS C++ 2.91.66 - x86 Linux RPM, Source (same as egcs)
This package adds C++ support to the GNU C compiler.

EGCS C++ Library 2.8.0- RPM
This is the GNU implementation of the standard C++ libraries, nicked from

Newlib 1.8.2 - RPM, Source
A simple C library and math library. Requires libn64 which defines N64 specific stuff.

Libjpeg 6b - RPM, Source
The libjpeg package contains a library of functions for manipulating JPEG images.

Libn64 0.1 - RPM, Source
A development library for the Nintendo 64. It provides low level functions for development and debugging, as well as high level stuff like drawing sprites and jpeg decoding between buffers. Try it out, hack it, code it, add opengl, mod/mp3 playing, hardware graphic acceleration and anything else you can think of!

N64 Tool Collection - x86 Linux RPM, Source
A collection of linux tools for the Nintendo 64.

cd64comm - Communication with CD64
drjr - Communcation with V64JR
insertfs - Insert a filing system into a Nintendo 64 ROM
n64term - Terminal to communiate with N64
nifty - Edit boot address, rom name and fix checksum for N64 ROMs
raw2s - Convert a binary file into a GCC .S asm
renamer - Rename and split ROMs across CDs. Makes HTML list of each CD
tiff2rgb - Convert a TIFF image into N64 format RGB

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Other Projects

GDB 4.18
This compiles for mips, but needs a GDB stub for the N64. I intend to hack up the one used in Pmon, the <1k one, Pmon itself is too big (>400k). This would also be incredibly useful for debugging commercial roms, you can trace, single step, set breakpoints and watchpoints, disassemble etc. Theres a 3D model extractor for linux around (its not open source, just a binary, ouch) that doesn't work too well because most ROMs are compressed. With a debugger you could dump all the 3D models from a running ROM...

Linux Kernel 2.3.99-pre3
With a bit of hacking it will compile.. but need to add some extra stuff to the kernel to handle the n64 hardware, set up a framebuffer, etc. examples in arch/mips/*. To try compiling, do:

make ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mips-linux- config
It will ask for the configuration, select CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL=y, cpu=R4300, little endian=n,compress_rom_fs=y,everthing else set to no
Then: make ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mips-linux- clean dep zImage

GLibc 2.0 & 2.1
glibc 2.0 reports the linux headers are out of date (?). 2.1 dies building the MIPS sysdep.S file.


LaC's N64 hardware dox
Anarko's n64ops
The important bits of the above in one file formatted for printing
N64 Trainers - HOWTO
GNUPro - Docs for all of the GNU development software
GNU embed - Smaller docs only covering software of interest to embedded programmers.

Other Sites - Pmon, the embedded MIPS debugger - Porting linux to MIPS homepage - Original site for lots of this software - MIPS info, plus a free cross platform GUI based MIPS IDE - The main N64 archive and coding site - Home of the GCC cross/embedded development FAQ - Games console development site - True Reality, a cross platform open source N64 emulator - Valery Pudovs updownloader, a homemade N64 cartridge emulator!


Visit the N64 Coding Forum at dextrose.

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